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#194980 Aggie Football Wallpapers 12th Man Editions

Posted Stobie on 08 May 2007 - 10:34 PM


I have redone the KSU wallpaper and created a 12th man edition.

There are 12 versions of this wallpaper. Please pass around as you see fit. These images are none of my own and taken from a multitude of sources and I take no credit in the pictures. Only credit I take is changing the wallpaper to an Aggie theme.

Enjoy and Gig 'Em Ags!

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#375690 REPORT: Coach's Night San Antonio Aggie Club

Posted dragonag517 on 20 July 2009 - 08:53 PM

Gentlemen, my report from my notes a day removed from Coach Sherman's preseason talk to Ags around Texas.

Pre game festivities:

Met Jackie Sherrill and shook his hand.

We chatted a little bit as I having arrived A&M in 1984 he said "those were good times." I said, "that was a helluva good time!" Anyway I asked him about how our facilities compared to the rest of the country's programs. He said we're right there with the best. But he says W's attract recruits not facilities. I asked him then if Sherman had an uphill battle. He said no, you have to know what kind of athlete you're looking for that has the skill set you need and you develop the guy into a 5-star. He said don't fixate on stars just bring in the players you can develop. He used Louis Cheek as a relatively lower rated recruit but played as a 5-star once he got into Sherrill's system.

Drank beer (on an empty stomach and frankly during that time period life seemed pretty good). Got some food in my stomach, hit the tables that were giving away stuff and loaded up on that shamelessly. Then sat down for opening ceremony.

Colors were posted, pledge of allegiance, prayer, yell leaders did the war hymn and one round of BTHO UNM. Endless thank you's, and requests for money etc etc. Tim Cassidy was the MC, and President of every association with the university was there pitching their request for "support" read that money for their respective projects. Everyone got a free copy of Brent Zwenerman's book called 25 Aggies Football Stories basically profiling some of the best A&M players and their careers.

On to Coach Sherman. First he put up on slides, "Reasons why Coach Sherman Lost Weight

1. Because his girls gave him a shirt that said "I'm losing weight"
photo of him in the shirt
2. Tired of Aggie girls telling him to tuck in his shirt (picture of him on the field with his untucked shirt you see him in)
3. Bill Byrne refused to enlarge the Jumbotron (pic during a game day where the camera only had his torso showing the bottom of his legs and head were chopped out of the frame...really funny).
4. Flagged for being on the field when he's standing in the coach's box (pic showed him looking over his shoulder yelling and looking down at the ground like he was mad and surrounded by refs as he's standing over the sideline, very funny as well)
5. Not enough room for his fish in his boat (photo shopped pic of him in this dingy and a shark on the fish hook)
6. Jumped on a scale and it said "to be continued" (photoshopped but very funny)
7. Governor Perry said he should name a Texas country after him
8. Speedo doesn't fit anymore

On to football

"Reasons to Believe in Your Fightin' Texas Aggie Football Team"

- He wants everyone to be disappointed we're not winning
- He's establishing a foundation. Told a story of him over the Thanksgiving weekend in his office writing in his journal of things he wants to get done in the off season. The rest of the family is in the living room watching college football and having a good time. His girl came in and sat in his lap and he put down his pen and she looked at him and said "Dad, get over it." So he got over last season and wants everyone else to get over it too.
- Wants the build the players' appreciation for Aggie traditions, silver taps, muster (I yelled out flight of the great pumpkin...not really) etc. He wants everyone to think of it as 'their team' not 'his team.' Meaning us the fans as well as the players. You build winners by putting balance in their life, physical, mental, social spiritual and that's what they are doing with the players.
- He's got unwavering committment to his mission to build a championship team.
- Said he still gets asked all the time why he dropped down from the NFL to college ball. He said he didn't. He said he took the job at Texas A&M because he really believes in the institution and what it stands for and this school is committed to winning championships.
- He challenged the players to get better everyday throughout the offseason.
- The players and coaches are under constant assessment and evaluation.
- He wanted to create synergy in the locker room. Loyalty, respect. Feels we got their this spring. He battled that all last season.

“Return to Junction”

- Not physically but very demanding on all players. Collectively and individually and told them is not for everyone. If you don’t want to do it is not a bad thing and ok to leave. Some did end up leaving.
- Dedication to character and team building
- Wants them to embrace the Aggie spirit
- Fan support was one of the most important thing to players
Allegiance to recruiting the “right guys”
- Everyday the staff talks about recruiting. Coach Sherman sees the tape of every player A&M is recruiting. When he visits he talks about that to the players tells them how they did against which team and what plays he thought was good and they are impressed by that

“Significant Position Changes”

- Lucas Patterson to OL
- Von Miller to Jack position
- Told Kines he wants more speed on the field so the Jack position was born to get faster LB/DE types on the field. Von had the best spring of any player in Sherman’s position and was a player that last year Sherman sat out of the spring practice because of other circumstances. His locker used to be a wreck but is now always clean. An example of a great talent who turned his act around and built his character.
- Kyle Mangan to LB. Every LB we started last year did not play the position in HS. Kines has to spend too much time coaching that particular position. This year will probably do better.
- Kenny Brown to TE
- KJ Williams to DE (interesting. He may be good from what I’ve seen of him)
- Jordan Pugh to safety -- current leader of the defense at this time
- Jordan Peterson back to cornerback

“Significant Scheme Changes Offense”

- Increased tempo
- Adapt a pro scheme to college players. Players coached using a pro philosophy
- More downfield throws. Hash marks are a big factor in college ball. JJ is one of the best downfield passers he’s ever coached. Short game needs work.

“Significant Scheme Changes Defense”

- Keep it simple
- Jack position
- More pressure packages

- Lots of questions why we don’t blitz more. Because if you do that you have to have corner backs that can live on the island to support that.

Special Teams
- Simplicity for younger players
- Develop quality returners
- Must be aggressive with (can’t read my own writing)

Areas of Improvement
- QB play Ryan will compete and doesn’t feel we have a third QB right now
- Speed depth at LB and secondary. Will play young guys there. They may be fast but they may run the wrong way fast. We’ll have to hang in there with them.
- Depth of Oline. Patrick Lewis was in early enrollment to work out. Barrera will have a shot at Right tackle, and him and rhontae Scales are physically read to play or the most close to it. Rhontae made it in! I heard he was struggling.
- We only had 5 guys to play with last year on the OLine. Grimes was playing with one arm at times because of his bad shoulder. There was no one left to play line…..yikes (my comment). They took a lot of criticism but played their hearts out.
- Speed and depth at WR excited about this incoming group
- Faster play on special teams
- Emphasis on run and support to the run better. Need to better on both lines and heavy recruiting in that area all the time. We won’t win championships until we are good in that area.
- Turnovers/take aways
- Depth at RB we need 6 backs in the stable at any one time
- Develop young LBs
- Better pass rush
- Starting punter
- Says the entire fish class will have the greatest impact when asking the question which fish will have the most influence

He’s closely monitoring Coryell Judie and is nervous everyday when told he still has another class to finish online. He may not make it in at the beginning of fall practice but will make it in soon enough. He is a key to this class because he will be a return guy and a lock down corner.
- All injuries sustained last year have healed up but those guys are under strength right now but will be ready
- Showed an unedited video interviewing a lot of the new fish in their second day in the weight room having started their enrollment and football prep. For fish, they were very good at interviewing with a mic in their face and a camera there. They had not been prepped for interviews at that point and Sherman wanted everyone to see how poised they were. Kalvin Guyton, Christine Michael, Lamothe, Clint Naron, Ryan Swope (I like this guy a lot and I think he’ll make some big plays for us), another defensive end blonde hair good looking kid can’t remember his name, Rhontae Scales, Steven Terrell, Charlie Thomas, Sean Porter, another one of our safeties, and oh, Brandon Jackson, Colton Valencia, and others. They were a good group. We can be proud. They will be a great group for us.

That’s about all I had from my notes. I really believe we are in very good hands and we’re gonna get there...we’re gonna get there.

If anyone can help and make the font bigger I'd appreciate it.  I can't figure out how to do that and tried every button available.

#316252 My appearance on CFB Live

Posted BAGGIO on 02 August 2008 - 12:43 AM

Ok, things Ive already heard:
1. you sound like a hick
2. You look like Gomer Pyle
3. Your the worst thing since 77-0

Im posting this because some of yall asked to see it. Be gentle.

#368726 Great News, AF

Posted Dustin00whoop on 14 May 2009 - 12:39 PM

The wife & I just found out we are expecting our 2nd child.  Due right around Christmas time.

#150760 **NSFW Post #8 NSFW**

Posted Texags Refugee on 05 February 2007 - 01:20 PM

Got to start somewhere and this seems like the easiest way to get some rep..

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#302217 New Aggie in the family

Posted Burnetaggie99 on 29 May 2008 - 11:49 AM

Just a quick update. My Daughter was born at 11 AM today 7 pounds 14 Ounces and 28".  She a proud new Aggie.:gig:

#374044 I got accepted!!!

Posted bb- on 08 July 2009 - 09:59 AM

Just wanted to let you all know that I was accepted into A&M as a general studies transfer admit. I'm hoping to do 1 year of basics and transfer into Mays.

I'm soooooo excited!

#356143 Aggie Hottie For The Day

Posted mattyq on 24 February 2009 - 09:55 AM

Don't know if yall have seen this one yet, but enjoy!

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#331459 I'm a Dad!!!!

Posted BigJohn on 30 September 2008 - 05:17 PM

Gabriel Peter Stempien, class of 2031, was born monday at 6:06pm weighing in at 9lbs, 6oz and 19 inches long, despite being 3 weeks early. Mom and baby are doing great. We have some pictures here

#224580 *** Thursday Hotties NSFW***

Posted Texags Refugee on 09 August 2007 - 12:57 PM

Because its Thursday..............:popcorn:

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#223507 Guess what

Posted tjdavis27 on 06 August 2007 - 11:08 PM

It's my birthday..:)

#368236 Newest Member of the Class of 2031

Posted zrf2002 on 11 May 2009 - 10:40 AM

here you go aggiefans.  here is the newest member of the class of 2031:

My 3rd daughter, Macy Jules Bennett Frank, was born Monday, May 4th, weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz and was 20 inches long.

and just to make sure everyone knows, Bennett is my wife's, grandmother's maiden name.  we did not add that for any reference to martellus....

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#359719 The Evolution of an AggieFans Poster...

Posted WesTxAg on 24 March 2009 - 08:38 PM

I've been here...well, way too long.  Anyways, this is what I've noticed about members and a thread I think we should probably include in the Welcome Packet...

1.  Visitor
Thinks about sig name for several days.  E King Gill121212 just seems too long...wonders why this Pumchavas guy won't post anymore nudie threads...

2.  First Day Member
"Whatsup guys, football season's about to start, I'm pumped.  Gig Em Aggs.  Go Team!!!"

3.  Newbie
Got a warm welcome from the board, wondering how to get his favorite picture to show up next to his really cool new sig name.

4.  Novice Lurker
Starting to figure out the different posters on the site...but why is everyone picking on this pearland character??

5.  Returning Lurker
Posts some really redass post so people know where you stand.  Dustin probably backs you up and you two exchange a friendly PM...still don't understand this whole REP thing or how you get it...

6.  Full-Time Lurker
Checks back every 15 seconds at work to see what people thought.  Gets thrashed for his/her ridiculous post.  Shaken after the response, poster takes some time off before posting again.  Tries to find something funny on the site to cheer him up...checks a couple Pflugerville threads, not impressed. Still checks the site consistently at work and a couple times around the house at night...wonders who this Loftin guy is and if he really does have it worse than you.  Thinking of changing his handle...

7.  Novice Poster
Gets the courage to post again...but now just in small spurts & only to show these 2%ers where he stands!  "That's right!"  "Well said!" or "...stupid new army" & "Good to see some GOOD aggs still around here".  Regular on the political threads.  It's not like anyone's going to have a liberal viewpoint there...this is an A&M board!

8.  Returning Poster
It's a few games in to the season now and the Aggies don't look good.  Also is tired of Burnet talking about how McGee shouldn't be behind Philip Rivers, "he should be the starter"...but agrees Sherm should run more spread.  Starts his first true thread .  Breaks down an entire game film with a long-winded post, 3-page essay.  Still can't believe they hired Sherm.  Talks about the good ole days and suggests $Bill should go after a legendary coach(and one that would never come here).

9.  Full-Time Poster
Starts to get the vibe of the board.  Doesn't take anything anyone says seriously....especially that douchebag, Westxag--still not sure if that guy is joking or serious or mentally retarded.  Starts forming favorites and finally blocks shaft-john shaft.  Knows a friend of a friend of a friend who knows this guy's girlfriend who is on the football team.  Posts a little inside info he heard through the grapevine.  Gets REP'd up!

10.  Seasoned Vet
After signing day, he's seen the four seasons of AF.  Lost most of his redass'ness, gets the sarcasm, and is sure he'll attend a tailgate next season.  Also has received advice on cooking ribs, leasing land for dove season, or computer/electronics advice from some of the members.

11.  Smartass/Funny Guy
Gets REP on a regular basis.  Has friends on the board, recommends it to all those poor b**tards over at tex-ags.  Still can't believe no one else thinks the Rangers have a chance June 20th too.  Has probably been contacted by a MOD about an inappropriate/hilarious post...and proud of it.

12.  VIP
Goes to the tailgate...sorely disappointed he's been arguing with these dumbasses for almost 2 years.

#348503 Today's my birthday...

Posted Vlyrock on 18 December 2008 - 07:43 AM

I hope you brought me lots of gifts and money.  And no rep orgies on my birthday thread...  keep it classy.  ;)

#317730 [NSFW] Just Because..........

Posted Pumchavas28 on 06 August 2008 - 04:21 PM

This is all I could find for #22,000 ... if not good enough.. I'll see what else I can dig up later... :)

Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image   Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image   Posted Image Posted Image http://vmedia.rivals...0/O116154.bmp  Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

#314854 Sherman to Speak at SA Aggie Club Lunch

Posted dragonag517 on 27 July 2008 - 06:03 PM

Notes from Coach Sherman’s San Antonio Aggie Club Lunch

- The lunch was downtown San Antonio, catered by Ruby’s BBQ. Shiner Bock flowed…it was lovely, 300+ people, Jackie Sherrill, RC Slocum and Tim Cassidy were there that I saw. The event lasted 3 hours and Coach Sherman talked for 2 of them. No Q&A happened after he spoke.

- Dave south opened with some new rule changes in the NCAA like the 40 second rule and now there is no such thing as an unintentional face mask. Every face mask will be 15 yards. The question was will every time a player touches a face mask be called? Could be discretionary….it will be interesting to see how that works out.

- Yell Leaders lead the group in a few yells and then Coach Sherman took the podium

- He started out with the history of how he got there. Nothing differed from what we’ve discussed or read in open forums.

- Coach then went into his approach for the program

Overall Philosophy

- Hired his staff based on the criteria (in order) of Teachers, Character, Role Models, Passion, Recruiting, No Ego, Diversity.

-- Holds coaches and players to same standards. On the recent women’s football day at A&M he told the coaches, “If we can get these women to do ANYTHING the season will be a piece of cake.”

-- He wanted a good coaching mixture of age and ethnic groups

-- He talked about each coach and administrative person. Of note he said Dohl was here at A&M, at LSU when they won the National Championship and at Notre Dame. He held over Van Malone because he was an NFLer and he came with great recommendations from the A&M administration and former players as a great coach. Gary Reynolds, Director of Football Operations, has day to day contact with the players and worked for Mike Holmgren in a similar capacity. So more NFL experience from an off the field perspective and great addition to the staff.

-- Graduate Assistants of note are Jaxson Appel for Defense and Zach Taylor on offense, they are Quality Control. Their main job is to translate the Offensive and Defensive game plans to paper. Meaning, I think, they’ll be typing up the weekly game plans for the coordinators, position coaches and players. Happy typing boys!


In order: Recruit talent, Build Character, Develop Fundamentals -- the coaches are expected to do these things everyday.

- Recruit Talent
-- This is the A&M grading system for recruits

Blue 4.0: Difference maker in a game, 1st round draft pick in the NFL
Blue 1 3.5: All American
Red 3.0: Good player. All Big 12
Gold 2.75: Above average, solid starter
Maroon 2.5: Average starter
Orange 2.0: We cannot win with this player (Coach Sherman emphasized that orange was specifically picked for this rating
Green: Redshirt with upside potential
Yellow: Walk on player that has redeeming qualities (coach must identify the redeeming quality)
Yellow 1: Walk on player without redeeming qualities
White: Unknown quantity more information needed

-- Staff will focus recruiting in TX, LA, OK.. National searches are for position specific players. He feels there’s enough talent we need within a 3 hour drive from campus for most of the team.

-- Specifically wants to start raiding neighboring states to keep OU and LSU focusing more resources at home and start attacking their interloping into Texas.

- Cross evaluation: Position coaches and coordinators are responsible for developing the recruit “wish list” but Sherman has final say on every recruit. He insists on evaluating and meeting face to face every recruit the other coaches want to bring on board. He says that doesn’t happen at many/some schools.

-- Sherman takes responsibility for the criticism the program/he received about a slow start because he insisted on meeting every recruit before he was extended a scholarship offer. It’s his ultimate responsibility, the player will represent the school so Sherman will have the final say.

-- He has a strategic vision for cultivating the State for good recruits. Extensive connection with Texas HS football coaches. When he first came on board he met with 55 of them at their school. From Sept - Dec a weekly letter will be sent to all the HS coaches. Coach Sherman I think picked this weekend to be in SA as a TX HS Coaches Association is meeting this week. Jackie Sherrill left pretty quickly from the luncheon as he had another engagement at that HS coaches meeting being held elsewhere in town. I took it that Jackie and RC are also involved in working with the coaches and spreading the word about A&M and Coach Sherman. Clearly these steps are aimed at building a huge bridge between those that have a great deal of influence with potential Aggie football players as they start their HS ball as freshmen. He’s also invited retired HS coaches to A&M in August to visit the campus as he feels that’s another resource that will bear fruit by influencing great HS athletes to be Aggies in the future.

-- He believes you win championships with talent and character. But absent one you will not attain greatness.

-- A&M will begin hosting a “super sophomore” camp along with numerous position camps, junior camps, HS athlete camps…if there’s a category we have a friggin camp to go along with it.

-- The camps are designed not just to eval and coach up HS players but also to start building relationships with parents.

Building Character

-- Focused on trust, respect, loyalty, mental toughness and integrity.

-- Wants to focus on the team’s situation first, how we’re doing things, where we stand on fundamentals, execution etc THEN begin evaluating opponents.

-- Team chemistry is key. Wants to build solid lines of communication between players, position coaches, coordinators and head coach. Player’s problems are the coach’s problems. He has dealt with a lot of players that have issues back at home or with their family. A player that “takes off on a leave of absence” because of those problems, he will listen to the reasons why and after hearing them he can understand why they did it, but says they choose the wrong path to deal with the problem. I think we know the situation he was referring to. However, drugs are a different issue. Coach Sherman did say, if a player does not see the value in being sober, and recognizing the foolishness and damage caused by having drugs in your system then those players that choose to use drugs are beyond his help and will not play for him.

-- He said he spoke to the team about the Miami game last year, he felt they did not take that defeat well, and let it effect the rest of their season.

-- Every Monday he meets with professors and academic advisors to monitor player academic progress. A humorous story, Sherman was standing outside a class and go after one player for being 10 minutes late to the class and didn’t stop to listen to the player but sent him in the room straight away. Later Sherman realized the class started at a quarter past the hour and the player was actually 5 minutes early.

-- There was a long list of things he’s doing with the team to inculcate them to Aggieland. Silver Taps, dinner at Duncan with the Corps, etc. Lots of events. We all know the drill on those things. The players will be exposed to all of it. Personally I’d like the team to have a go at shining old Sully!

Now………….On to football. This was Coach Sherman’s first Aggie Club Lunch and I think he went a little longer than he wanted on the above before he got to the football part. I appreciated all of the above but we sort of got a little rushed for my taste on the football part.

Offensive Philosophy

-- Be multiple without sacrificing execution.
-- Fundamentally sound and establish a strong run game first.
-- Be a great play fake team
-- Must be able to connect to the check down routes in the passing game
-- Deeply rooted in the West Coast system
-- Will have 4-6 screen plays ready to check the defensive pass rush
-- Carry 4-6 “special” plays that have explosive potential
-- Develop multiple personnel groups and include as many players as possible in games
-- Minimize checks at the LOS.
-- Make the scheme fit the talent not the other way around
-- QB decisions or non-decisions are key to the game’s outcome

At this point he put up some play diagrams
-- One was “Jet Aggie” It’s a play Sherman designed in the NFL and ran it at Green Bay and Houston and the name of the play was always “Jet Aggie”. Basically 4 WRs going deep with the RB slipping 5 yards behind the LOS as an outlet.


-- Multiple but not complicated
-- Outnumber and outflank the opponent
-- Nickel package must be completely understood by the entire defense as that is the defense that will defend against the spread
-- Daily practice of taking the proper angle and tackling techniques
-- Daily practice at ball take away skills
-- Always understand the opponent’s core plays

He had some diagrams here too but flashed through them pretty quick. Disappointing because I really wanted to see that most of all.


-- Will include a 12th Man if Coach believes that player can help the team, otherwise best on the field. Keep them simple. I was expecting a little more on this topic but essentially that was the message--must be solid.

-- Fish will practice twice before the varsity players arrive. Two meetings and two practices in pads…then it’s baptism by fire.

Sat August 16 is going to be a preseason game, practice. Meaning they will prep for game day. Complete walk through. Second one will occur August 22. I may see if I can sneak into the Aug 16 one since it’s a Saturday. Not sure if I will be able to see anything though.

Comments on Positions

OL -- A lot of work to do here. We will make it on the quality of the group not because of the play of one single player. None of ours are All World at this point. Group play is the key. This year we targeted 4-5 we have 5 right now. On the targets he’s talking strictly numbers NOT specific players.

TE -- Inexperienced. “Starter will be receiver oriented.” 2009 targeted 2 have 1 commit.

WR -- Dropped to many balls and inconsistent. Still look for starters in this group. 2009 need 3-4.

RB -- Quality depth. Would like Goodson to “carry the ball 30 times a game if possible.” 2009 need 2 - 3 have 2 commits.

FB -- “Still looking for a starter here.” 2009 need 0 - 1.

Safety -- Likes Jordan Peterson and thinks he will do a fine job. “Intelligent player that can communicate.” Jordan Pugh is doing a good job. 2009 need 1 - 2 have 2 commits.

CB -- Solid starters 2009 need 4 - 5 have 5 commits

LB -- 1 deep and need help. Lacking speed. Only 2 true LBs on the roster. 2009 need 3 have 2 commits.

DL -- I missed the assessment part here scribbling in my pad but he said we need 7 - 8 players, to be on the roster at any one time I think is what he meant. There is a slight chance Michael Bennet will not make it for this season (academics).

Kicker -- Bean is the starter but a walk on kicker will compete and if the kicker does well enough will earn a scholarship at the position.

Punter -- Should have one of the top 5 punters in the country this year (Brantly).

The theme for this season is “Raise the Bar”

Said that most games boil down to 4 - 5 plays that decide the outcome. Interestingly, I was reading DCTF and the UNT Coach Todd Dodge said essentially the same thing in a quote in that magazine.

That’s it.  I shook hands with the Coach and got my football autographed as well. I was peeved I missed RC and Jackie but I’ll get ‘em!

Answers to questions: He doesn't wear underwear, muybonita will contribute, why would I abandon a blue blood accent for some **** kicking twang? then he hit me in the mouth.

#29920 Uncanny resemblance

Posted Loftin on 20 September 2005 - 08:07 AM

Posted Image

Posted Image

#225779 I'm new here

Posted DaPersianAg on 13 August 2007 - 09:02 PM

Anybody like to give me some rep power to get started.

#183687 Just got another little green square...

Posted bobcatfan06 on 17 April 2007 - 01:07 AM

I'm down for some rep throwin' around.

:rep: for WestTx and jeff

#149025 Just Found out

Posted Burnetaggie99 on 01 February 2007 - 01:22 PM

That I'm going to be a daddy again today.:D